Mo Mug: Auckland Product Design Successfully Funded on Kickstarter


Tony Small and his Mo Mug are the latest in an increasing number of local Kickstarter success stories.

The Mo Mug is a re-usable coffee mug with a non-toxic silicone lid and two separate layers of porcelain to keep your hands protected from the heat. Mo Mugs come in three different sizes and every mug is decorated with one of six choices of “mos”.

In late August, Small started a campaign on Kickstarter to raise money for the production of Mo Mugs. He used BizDojo’s Kickstarter gateway, a service that helps NZ businesses access the world’s largest crowd-funding platform.

The campaign was a resounding success, with Small quickly passing his goal of 5,000 dollars, on his way through to a total of 7,223 dollars. His success brings the total raised by BizDojo residents via the channel to more than $85,000!

In the spirit of Mos, The BizDojo wishes you’ve had a great Movember!

Read the full story on Kickstarter.

Get your own MoMug here.

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