New Kids On The Block!

We’ve been lucky enough to have a great crop of new residents join the Dojo massive over the summer break, both in Auckland and Wellington. Dig in and learn a bit about the faces that we see every day, and the amazing things that they do! Enjoy.

AKL BizDojo: Kate Highet


We’re delighted to have Katie Highet residing with us at BizDojo Auckland (and even more delighted that the printer finally started working for her!). Katie works in the intersections of global development and technology. She’s currently the Pacific Manager at the GSMA mWomen program, which is a public‐private partnership between the worldwide mobile industry and the international development community, aiming to increase women’s access to and use of mobile phones and life-enhancing mobile services in developing markets. Pretty awesome. She also has a penchant for cheese (“the smelly ones”) and is making a cheese-based visit to southern Italy this year.

WLG BizDojo: Matt Hall


Welcome to Matt Hall of MedRecruit, who’s been adding that much needed sense of humor to our daily quizzes and social gatherings down here in Wellington! He’s a recruiter for overseas doctors who have expressed an interest in jumping ship and coming down to Australia or New Zealand to begin a new career, and has a had a multitude of other varied jobs, so he’s a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. He’s really into music, going to gigs, and kicking it at home with a beer. We love him because he’s hilarious, and not afraid to make the occasional non-P.C. joke. 

AKL BizDojo: Erick Engstrom


Devaldi founder and long-time occasional Dojo Auckland resident Erik Engstrom has recently come into our lives in a more permanent manner and we’re pretty stoked to have him in the house. Four years ago (can you even remember what life was like pre-iPad?), Erik started developing FlexPaper, an open sourced web based document viewer while he was working for a hedge fund. What started as a way to allow PDFs to be viewed in web browsers has morphed into a full service publishing product, and has allowed him to leave his suit behind and devote himself full-time to FlexPaper.

AKL Dojo: Tim Farland

Over the last 7 years, Tim Farland has been bouncing around the globe, working as a Developer and Product Manager for startups in London, Berlin, Vienna, and Prague. Recently, he returned home to Aotearoa and was working remotely for a San Francisco-based startup (of course) until deciding to take the plunge into developing his own products / living off his savings. Said projects include a financial news site (by himself) and on a machinery parts import/export business (with a co-founder). He’s not too busy to chat about additional ideas and projects though…

Tim also hosts a weekly radio show on 95bFM (Mondays 11pm-1am, check it out here) and has released an EP in Germany with an LP to follow this year. FUN!

WLG/AKL: One Percent Collective Interviews Joe Michael

And finally, a double-whammy with Pat Shepherd from One Percent Collective (WLG Dojo) interviewing Joseph Michael from the AKL Dojo! This is exactly the kind of thing we love, folks from different places reaching each other through the BizDojo network. You can check out this interview about generosity after the jump…