Nick and Jonah's Visit to Brisbane Digital Work Hub


If you know Nick and Jonah, you know they’re busy guys. With the Better Work Tour, a bevy of Dojo-related events, and the Auckland Airport collaboration, it’s amazing that the two of them managed to find time to scoot over to Brisbane and participate in the Digital Work Hub project forum. Yet there they were, spreading the good word about collaborative workspaces to yet another eager audience of great thinkers and innovators.

The Digital Work Hubs are a new experimental space-concept being created as a model for use across South East Queensland, to provide dispersed (but inter-connected) “hubs” for collaborative work, and shared workspaces. Commute times, uninspiring workspaces, and lack of access to community events and networks all add up to an less efficient and less inspired workforce, and the officials in Queensland are exploring better ways to enhance people’s work, and in doing so, boost the economy and drive innovation. Currently, they are in the stage of exploring the supply and demand of the region, and pulling in great folks to provide input on how to make the system run smoothly, with a strong culture of community, collaboration, and new thought. 


As thought leaders in the co-working community, the BizDojo brought a toolkit of tactical plans and real-world advice to help make the case for more access to coworking in all areas of South East Queensland. As Jonah said in reference to the Dojo’s residents, “By coming together, they are able to take on much larger projects and benefit from the ability to use great facilities and bounce ideas off each other. We’ve seen projects where people in our Auckland based office are collaborating online with people in our Wellington office to turn out some really great stuff.

“Knowing how well this concept has worked in New Zealand, we’re looking forward now to seeing this progressive thinking from South East Queensland moving into full implementation and activation, to really start harnessing the evolving trends in work practices around co-working and smart work centres, in order to drive support and growth for local businesses in the SEQ regions.”

Keep tabs on the project over at the Digital Work Hub project’s site.