Nick Barrett, Founder of Imagistory


More Nicks in the Dojo circle!? We’re going to have to start calling them Nick Bar, Nick Bai, Nick S, Nick minut.. Nevermind. Anyway, this here is Nick Barrett, our new face around the Ironbank. He has based himself in the Auckland Dojo to work on his start-up, Imagistory.

“I feel fortunate to be able to kickstart my business with the connections and support from the Dojo community,” he says.

Nick graduated from AUT almost a year ago, with a first class honours degree in business, focusing on entrepreneurship and strategic management. After winning the Venture Fund at the end of 2011, he has spent the last year developing Imagistory.


Imagistory is a digital publishing company which creates wordless picture books for the iPad.

“The basic idea behind our books is that it’s the child’s turn to tell the story. By using their imagination, they make up the story from the pictures as they go. Kids will also be able to record, save, and share their stories.”

He got the idea for Imagistory when he was watching a 3-year-old family member reading a story to herself from a picture book.

“It occurred to me that since she couldn’t read, she was just making up the story by looking at the pictures. Although wordless picture books are not new, they are fairly uncommon. I would like to change that, because I believe that they are a great tool for developing creativity and early literacy skills.”


Nick is also in the only New Zealand team chosen to compete for the Hult Prize. He is representing AUT as the alumnus member of the team.

“This year we are tasked with solving the food crisis and to come up with a social enterprise which solves the issue of food security in slums throughout the world. We will be one of 38 other teams competing in Shanghai on the 1st and 2nd of March for a place in the final.”

The Hult Prize is a social entrepreneurship competition which challenges university students to tackle some of the biggest issues facing the world today. Each year more than 10,000 students apply to compete in one of six regional competitions, with the winning team from each region competing in the finals in New York later this year for $1 million to implement their idea.

Stay tuned: Imagistory is looking to have their first book ready for launch in the app store in the coming months…!