Nick Goes Around: Chch –Wlg – Akl


EPIC times in Christchurch

Last week, Nick travelled down to a workshop in Christchurch at EPIC (Enterprise Precinct and Innovation Campus) to meet up with the founders.

EPIC is a development launched by Wil McLellan and Colin Andersen. The 2500 square metre facility was designed to help rehouse the displaced tech companies in Christchurch after the September earthquake. It currently houses 20 companies with around 300 people in total.

The purpose of the workshop was to share ideas and concepts, and to learn from the EPIC development.

“There’s a real sense of needing to build a community and find collaboration between tech and design. We’ve always been excited about helping connect the entire NZ framework. I was really interested in meeting again with EPIC and seeing how we may be able to collaborate with those guys to launch a space in Christchurch,” Nick says.

Christchurch Dojo plans are now brewing well under the lid, and we hope to have some news for you in the coming months…

Mentoring in Wellington

After the Christchurch workshop day, Nick went up to Wellington to mentor at Lightning Lab.

Lightning Lab is a startup accelerator programme, which puts seed investment and intensive mentoring into elite teams of startup entrepreneurs. The goal is to push them to make their business idea fly within three months.

“I met with some really cool teams that had great ideas. As a mentor, I gave advice on the process around figuring out what the idea actually is, how the idea will make money, and who the clients will be – typical stuff that you always go through when you come up with an idea and think of ways of turning it into cash,” Nick explains.

While in Wellington, Nick also caught up with some of the Wellington BizDojo residents and Community Manager Katherine Field.

“We’re now looking at possibly offering solutions for Welly businesses that are 4-10 person organizations and want to be a part of a dynamic community,” Nick says.

If you’re a business that is in that stage of “Hey we’ve got big and we need a more permanent base, but we still want to be connected to a great network”, drop Nick or Kath a message, and they’ll have a chat to you about what they’re thinking!