Opportunity on the sunny Queensland horizon


Posted by Nik Jarvie, Special Projects Coordinator.

Nik works with the Special Projects team on development and delivery of new opportunities. Before working in media intelligence, radio production and song writing, Nik enjoyed being an honorary Queenslander - based in Airlie Beach and Brisbane.

Ah, Brisbane. So good to see you again. In the roughly ten years since I left you’ve grown into quite the beauty. You have more secrets now, and you hide them down lanes. Delicious restaurants and compact bars. The redevelopment of the State Library is something to behold - I like what you’ve done with the place. And don’t get me started on GoMA. The whole city feels more alive and connected than I remember.

And we’re here to connect. ‘We’ are BizDojo. New Zealand’s largest coworking provider and keen purveyors of awesomeness in all sectors. There is a sense of momentum in Brisbane and we have a key part to play. We just need to find our people.

Well, looky here - there’s a couple of them now. Hovering outside an Italian restaurant in Milton. It’s our friends from CCIQ.

From the moment I hear Stephen Tait, CEO of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, expressing his desire to move his organisation away from an image that has been ‘pale, male, and stale’ I’m interested. How can a chamber of commerce also be a progressive organisation? How can a business peak body be relevant to my generation?

Of course, we’re here to help them with exactly this but it’s clear CCIQ are already on the path. We spend a couple of days meeting the movers and shakers of Brisbane, and our observations prove correct. Queensland wants what we have to offer. A space to work, and to play - to look for new ways of thinking. A pilot space that sets the state up to be more connected to what’s happening in growth businesses locally and globally.

And so, it begins…