Petra & Bay are Finalists at iD Dunedin Fashion Week

Remember the Facebook campaign we did last year for 10 hours of free photoshoot time on the BizDojo Co.Space Infinity Wall? In return, the winner had to splash some paint on the wall.

As keen supporters of young and emerging creatives, we chose Petra Benton & her friends as the winners to shoot lookbooks for their graduate collections.


The shoot was a success, and the graduates will be coming back soon to do some more shots at Co.Space.

imageHere they are painting with some refreshments…

This week is iD Fashion Week in Dunedin. Petra Benton and Bay Rawlinson, are one of the finalists at iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2013. Finalists were chosen from all around the globe with competitors from Australia, China, the UK and Ireland.

Today has been a judging day at the awards. Here’s Karen Webster talking about the 30 finalists:

 Have a look at some of their work:


Three designs from Petra Benton’s Graduate Collection. Photographed by Tess Seven. Model: Jessica Thompson

Inspiration for this collection was drawn from ideas derived from the Bret Easton Ellis novel American Psycho. Rather than a literal translation, Petra was instead moved by the feeling evoked through the character of Patrick Bateman, and as such looked to create a collection that was precise, strict, and uniform, but with a distinct off-kilter feel. Her garments show uniformity, repetition and restraint informed through her concept, and followed through to the strict colour palate of navy blue, crisp white, silver, and a few touches of emerald green. Petra worked in all natural fibres, with luxurious silk dupion, taffeta, twill and tissue, alongside crisp white cottons which are screen printed polka dots in graduating sizes.


Bay Rawlinson’s design from a shoot in Black Magazine. Photographed by Marissa Findlay. Model: Jessica Thompson.

Caught between two irreconcilable minds, Bay’s collection bases itself around the notion of a self-inflicted, dual identity which can be found in all of us. Being continually fascinated by the disobedient cool of youth subculture she focused her collection around the concept of Beatlemania and its associated social hysteria, in an attempt to capture this spontaneous moment of uninhibited madness.

Congrats girls! We wish you the best of luck at the Awards and hope to see you soon at Co.Space!

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