Pitching Success: The ultimate tips to pitching ideas well with Nick Shewring

“Are you meeting someone with money…?”

This is the question Alex Blumberg (Broadcaster / podcaster with This American Life / Project Money / Gimlet) was faced with as he headed out the door to pitch his idea: a way to produce bigger, better podcast series. The question came from Alex’s wife upon seeing his footwear choice for meeting a potential investor - tennis shoes.

It’s true, the success of a pitch can rely on everything from your shoe choice to the somewhat obvious, how good (or bad) your idea is. Every successful startup / designer / adland creative will come armed with a litany of stories of pitches that went bad with a variety of reasons why - but being caring folk, we here at BizDojo would prefer you weren’t one of them. This in mind we asked our very own hustler and all round lover of the pitch, Nick Shewring to share his top five tips for pitch success. Whilst he might not delve into wardrobe choices, Nick shares great pitch advice perfect for a budding startup, creative freelancer or anyone simply wanting to get a little buy-in on their brilliant idea. Watch the video and go forth and share the goodness.

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