Powering The Economy with STEAM

Kevin Roberts, CEO Worldwide of Saatchi & Saatchi, hits the nail on the head with this blog post. We hadn’t heard the term ‘STEM’ before reading this, but it refers to the recent drive to ensure that Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics become more prevalent in education.

This focus on ‘deep’ science as a way to drive economic growth is something that’s been a priority for the National government here in New Zealand, and has certainly been a heavy influence on recent policy and funding.

Roberts however, rightly points out that we need to add creativity to the equation, and notes that Rhode Island School of Design President, John Maeda, fervently believes this to be the case and is leading the charge to transform STEM into STEAM by adding an ‘A’ for Art.

As Roberts states, “Artists and designers are a big part of the products that people connect with emotionally. Who wants to love something that is ugly and unusable? …. We can power up the economy and implement positive change by pursuing innovation AND creativity.”

We couldn’t agree more. And something for the powers that be in the Beehive to keep in mind also if we really are serious about competing with growing economies like China and India.