Project: Blank Canvas


Wellington’s upcoming home for creative, techies and small businesses.

BizDojo has an exciting new project up our sleeves.

Project: Blank Canvas is the code-name for our massive new undertaking - the creation of a large collaborative working and event environment, that will be able to support a community of up to 200 of Wellington’s talented creatives, techies, startups and entrepreneurs.

We envisage this space to be an integral part of the local ecosystem, and therefore Project: Blank Canvas is about involving the wider community and getting your input on how the space develops.

Watch this video from the Blank Canvas blog where Nick Shewring gives the low-down on the formation of the project.

Starting at the end of next week, we will be holding a number of workshops around how the space will function, interact with local community and meet the current and future needs, wants and ambitions of Wellington’s ecosystem. This means we want your input and brain-power to help us understand how we can make this space awesome.

If you’d like to join these sessions, jump on the Project:Blank Canvas database. Enter your details and pick which workshop you would like to attend. We will send you a follow up email a more detailed breakdown of how the workshops will run.

In the meantime, keep connected with this project by following our dedicated website and blog, select to join the Facebook group, or follow BizDojo on Twitter and Facebook for updates.