Recruiting and retaining amazing humans in the tech industry : Win tickets to the IT18 conference

When Sam Altman (Y Combinator) visited New Zealand in 2014 the message was clear, sure the idea your business is based on is important but the team - the team was going to make it happen. Altman talked about the strength of team culture, and collective vision, a truth we see every-day as being an essential to progress ideas to startups, and startups to established businesses.

So what happens if you can’t find that perfect person for your team?

The tech industry is often touted as one of the most competitive spaces for the attraction and retention of amazing staff,skills shortages giving way to international hires & strong demand for talented graduates who are funnelled into growing tech businesses by the likes of Summer of Tech.

Skills shortages may be because there aren’t enough talented humans in the pipeline, as businesses like Xero and Vend rapidly scale, or could be a commentary on happy staff not wanting to move on from roles which fulfil their needs in an industry where not every business scaling is a stable one. Whatever the reasons, the universal questions seems to be - ‘I need a great dev, how do I get one?’

This in turn raises all sorts of questions, from engaging recruiters who are specialists in tech, through to  building awesome team cultures that naturally draw like minded humans towards you like moths to the flame. Turning staff into evangelists for your brand, and the oh so important making sure the management/team leaders brought into a scaling business are on the same page as everyone else. 

The  IT18 conference aims to spur this discussion, bringing together a cross section of recruitment/business owners and educational leaders in open discussions and problem solving around the attraction and management of folks in the tech industry. Covering everything from open source hiring (Andrew Milestone -Redhat) through to engagement (Troy Hammond -Vend) and enriching the tech talent pool (Joshua Via -Enspiral) amongst others.

Thanks to the guys at IT18 we have two tickets to giveaway, one for the IT18 conference in Auckland on the 21st of April, and one for Wellington on the 24th of April. Each ticket is valued at $450 and will give you access to the day of conference festivities including a full day of sessions and multiple networking opportunities.

To be in to win simply tweet us with which conference you want to attend (Auckland or Wellington) and why, and you are in the draw to win.

Winners will be selected by the BizDojo Team, and will be drawn at 5pm on Friday the 17th of April. Winners will be notified via tweet. All winners are final. Tickets cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods or services.