#ScribbleAKL celebrates its 100th event

Dear Scribbler,

This is a special message just for you – a thank you for showing your support for #scribbleAKL and a personal invitation to the 100th event!

Can you believe the 100th #scribbleAKL event is coming up??

How did it get to 100?? The answer is simple – you(’re to blame haha). #scribbleAKL continues because awesome people like you come along. Whether you’ve attended a little, or attended a lot, what matters is that it’s all contributed towards getting scribble to this milestone 100th event. For this, I sincerely thank you and think we should celebrate!

It really is a privilege to know and be amongst such talented, caring, interesting, diverse, creative and knowledgeable people on a weekly basis. I see individuals with amazing potential, change-makers, visionaries, future leaders and generally awesome people that do great things. It’s inspiring. That’s why I’ve been to so many. Well.. all of them haha. I do it for the community.

As always in Bhav’s world there are plenty of things to work on – like the 100th flyer! (It’s going to be something more than a flyer) Aside from that, at the top of the list is get in contact with you so you’re one of the first to know that the event details are officially up (yup, running on Bhav time).

What’s happening with the flyer Bhav?! Well, I’m creating something special.. an evolving flyer! At the end of the process it’s going to be a limited edition commemorative artifact you can own via a donation! More details coming soon.

The last truly special #scribbleAKL was the 50th where the majority of the active scribble community came together for a great evening. For the 100th celebration, my wish is for the community to come together again for something next level epic! We’ve even got a fitting venue to match - inside the concrete silos at silo park!

IMPORTANT DETAILS: #scribbleAKL no.100
7pm for 7.30pm
Saturday 2nd November, 2013
Silo6, Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter

PLEASE RSVP via: Eventbrite: Scribbler Special Ticket Link
Facebook: Facebook Event Page

I don’t have all the details figured out for the 100th event but I can tell you that there will be a gong, yes, a gong.

If you’re keen to help please let me know.

Thank you again for your support and being a part of the community,

B h a v

Host - #scribbleAKL
Head Honcho Creative Guy - #scribbleINTL

PS: We have a #scribbleAKL Art Week event on tonight! #scribbleAKL x Circuit K'Road Art Week Event