Selling on Etsy? Top 5 Tips from Jennie Smith


More and more artists and makers are flocking to Etsy’s international handmade marketplace to sell their wares and network with others. This is a fantastic opportunity for creators to easily launch their products onto the world stage and connect with a global market of customers. If you’re looking to get started on Etsy, the Dojo’s got some handy tips from Jennie Smith, Etsy’s Seller Activation Specialist!

1. Etsy customers love handmade but they still want to buy from someone professional. Make sure the look of your store and products reflect this.

2. Photography, photography, photography! When selling online, you’ve got to be able to replace the hands-on experience of holding a product in store. Commit to improving your photography skills, or if you can’t take great photos, ask a friend who can. You can also look into hiring a professional photographer, it will make all the difference in the long run. Do not cut corners on photography!

3. A good description can endear people very easily. On Etsy, people like to feel like they’ve met the seller. Have some fun with it; people like warmth and humour. Voice your strengths, have confidence; after all, it is your only chance to pitch your products!

4. Make sure your listing answers all of your customer’s questions. Be as thorough as possible, include measurements, colours etc. Never underestimate spontaneous buying. If a customer needs to ask a question, they may not return no matter how quickly you reply.

5. Make a list of all the keywords that relate to your product and be sure to include them in your title and tags. This is essential to getting your products found in search. If you’re having trouble, ask family and friends to help you brainstorm. Always use all of your tags!