Semi-Permanent in Wellington for the First Time

imageBizDojo'ers getting creative at the Semi-Permanent Photobooth.

The world’s leading creative design conference, Semi-Permanent, was held on Friday 16th of November in Wellington at the Paramount Theatre.

This was the first time the event was brought to Wellington, and it was put together by one of our most interesting BizDojo residents, Simon Velvin.

This year’s speaker line-up included award-winning international designers who’ve collaborated with The New York Times, U2, Chanel, Apple, TED, and other major brands.

Our personal highlights were speeches from Hellicar & Lewis, and Jessica Walsh, a New York based graphic designer.

“Everyone needs to learn to code!” (Hellicar & Lewis)

We only present clients one idea. It’s easier to push unconventional ideas when you don’t give them a choice.” (Jessica Walsh)

Semi-Permanent takes place annually in Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane with satellite events in New York and London. In its 10 year history, Semi-Permanent has hosted 33 events in eight cities, covering five countries, with over 200 speakers and 200,000 attendees.