Sick of working yet?

I’ve got a confession to make: I’m not sure I like working that much. Ok ok, I hear people saying “well geeze, that’s a given, I don’t like working either.”

But hear me out - because this is going somewhere. Whilst I may not enjoy working, I certainly like creating. And it takes work to create something, doesn’t it? Frame of mind counts for a whole lot when you start thinking about why you wake up every morning. Are you working, or are you creating?

Working for the BizDojo, I encounter this question every day, because I’m part of a community of working creatives; not in the sense that they’re all artists or musicians, but that pretty much every single person who works in a shared space is here because they’re creating something. So many people here are innovators, entrepreneurs, and dream-chasers. It’s inspirational to be surrounded by people who have broken the 9-5 mould, and are creating their own futures. The Dojo itself, being a young company, is also creating. We create communities. As a community coordinator, I help foster this community. I’m creating and maintaining a continuously evolving group of collaborative and creative humans, every day.

The last time I was in a place where people were actively bettering themselves out of their own free will, I was at University - one of the more highly regarded places a person could spend their time in. Here I am again, this time in a place where people of all walks of life are taking their worldly knowledge, and turning it into a sustainable living model whereby they exchange what they love doing and what they’re great at for enough money to get by (or to thrive well beyond their means). This is like subsistence farming for the 21st century. And it’s like university - but it’s the university of life. We could almost class co-working spaces such as the Bizdojo as quaternary institutions - that which comes after tertiary. It is my belief that a place where people are being authentic and self-aware of their requirements should be as highly regarded as a tertiary institution.

As someone who spent a number of years owning and operating his own company, but working mostly from home, I also understand the value of companionship and inspiration. There were serious moments of stagnation. There were moments of frustration. There were moments where the world seemed to move completely independently from me. The notion of “working for the man” and picking up a 40 hour salaried position was a little scary. But since entering this space, years after being self-employed, I’m amazed at what I’ve discovered. There’s an incredible level of momentum at BizDojo. A simple change in the business model of the self-employed can yield so much. It seems like working from home eventually becomes exactly that: “working” from home. In a place like this, as I have come to understand, people are once again creating. The beauty that I now also see is that they’re not just creating on their own, but actually creating together, in a collaborative and helpful way.

So I ask again, are you working from home, or are you creating from home? If you, like I once did, have hit a moment where you need some invigoration and inspiration, I highly recommend checking out a new, communal environment - one where the default position is momentum, support, and creativity; clearly a winning combination!

Gil Amir is the Community and Communications Coordinator of BizDojo Auckland.