So much success for Kiwi Kickstarters!


The last ten days have been an awesome time for Kiwi’s on Kickstarter, with two successfully funded projects achieving some great results. Chur bro!

Opus Fresh, a sustainable adventure-wear clothing line created by James Simpson and Lisa Currie, closed at the beginning of June and reached record status by becoming what we are pretty sure is the second biggest New Zealand project ever (the largest was Genie). With an original goal of $16,000, Opus Fresh was funded nearly ten times over, and even James and Lisa’s $130,000 stretch goal was blown out of the water with a whopping final total of USD$152,444.    

Rebekah Tyler is also one happy lady after her book project, Full Tilt, closed with total funding of $13,412. Because of Kickstarter for Kiwis and generosity from people all over the world, Rebekah has been able to raise the money needed to publish a personal memoir that she spent the last five years writing.

Over the past 12 months the BizDojo’s Kickstarter for Kiwis Channel has had five projects through its programme and even though one was unsuccessful, those are still some pretty good odds, especially when you look at the average amount pledged per project – nearly $60,000! Exocomics was the first project from the Kickstarter for Kiwis Channel, and was hugely successful with over $66,000 raised. Another project from last year, Mo Mug, achieved 144% of its goal with $7,223 pledged.  

From $571 to $636,766, around 20 projects from all over New Zealand have raised more than a million dollars on Kickstarter and with an average of nearly fourteen thousand per project (without the super top-heavy three in the mix) it is evident that this is one funding platform that can really change lives.

For more information on the BizDojo’s Kickstarter for Kiwis Channel, contact Phil Williams on