Startup Life: Fresh faces from VicLink  - Victoria University Bootcamp

At the end of University I was pondering what I should do with my life, and contemplated a move to Spain ( they had naps in the middle of the day) to work in a grimy bar with my best friend. It seems times have changed. Over the summer months, whilst you were trying to squeeze in a swim after dinner or having a beer on the deck, a group of students, not satisfied with their already crazy student lives thought to themselves - ‘Do you know what? Lets do the startup thing too.’

Students - you have changed.

Which i guess is not a fact that is too crazy, in a world with an increasingly competitive workforce, and an ever diversifying job market, why should entrepreneur not be a choice as logical as brand manager, or head of sales? We here at BizDojo know more than most the joy of working for yourself as a freelancer, wrangling an entirely solo project or rallying a group to launch the next big tech thing (may i suggest tinder for cats?). However, unlike having an industry speaker in to speak to the media class about the realities of being a producer, how exactly do you convey the dizzying highs and crushing lows of startup life? With a startup programme designed for students of course.

Victoria University Bootcamp takes selected students through the process of envisioning and then creating their own businesses over 3 months, all culminating in a demo day. Originally envisaged at The School of Design at Victoria University and brought to life with help from our friends at Creative HQ. This year, BizDojo joined in, giving the fledgling ‘Bootcampers’ a home in BizDojo Wellington. Here students could work side by side with established startups, independent businesses, freelancers and our own team of  Dojo Hustlers, spreading their enthusiasm while getting advice from those that have been exactly where they are.

For us here at BizDojo the appeal is clear, as Nick Shewring, Co-founder of BizDojo says ‘A programme like Bootcamp allows you as an entrepreneur to be able to have a safe environment to prototype your concept… for us its all about supporting those ideas in those early stages. If we can do that we can help grow businesses at a much higher velocity than they do now..’

Anya works in Brand & Marketing for The BizDojo, and secretly wishes she could live at BizDojo Wellington, you can follow her on twitter if you want.