The Collaborators Scrub Up for New Dental Brand


The Collaborators, our collective name for BizDojo’s talented designers, writers, and developers, have come up with a stunning new brand for a dental franchise.

The client, Scott Waghorn, is a passionate Kiwi dentist determined to transform the New Zealand dental industry. Currently, most NZ dentists are sole practitioners. The only large dental chain, Lumino, is centrally owned by an Australian firm.

Scott is starting the nation’s first true dental franchise, where each clinic is owned by the practitioner under a master brand. But what would that brand be..? It needed to reflect family and accessibility, elements almost entirely absent from existing dental brand.

He turned to The Collaborators, who ran it through their renowned naming and branding process and came up with ‘Tooth Brothers’.

With its captivating name, and beautiful brand work, we look forward to seeing Tooth Brothers rolling out around the nation, starting in mid 2013.