The who, what and why of : Kiwi startup finds a home with Y Combinator

Whilst the student flat may be a cornerstone of New Zealand life, its place as an inspiration for ideas is probably more in the burning couches/party forever category - until now. The lack of financial clarity that flat-life affords  the normal human was the inspiration for the New Zealand startup Glassjar,  creators of an app that provides an easy solution for shared or group payments. This clever little app, envisaged after an incident involving a keg of beer attracted the attention of startup heavyweights Y Combinator last year,  becoming the first kiwi startup to find a home with the world leading accelerator.

We aren’t surprised that the guys have been selected for the amazing 10 week programme, after-all we know the team pretty well as they have been based with us here at BizDojo Wellington. We grabbed a moment with the Glassjar team before they departed for their big overseas adventure to talk about the who, what and why of what they do, along with some tips for people contemplating applying to an accelerator programme like YC.

Watch the video and like what you see? Head over to their website to read their blog and follow their journey, pivots and product development through Y Combinator and beyond.