This is a video of Chris DeVore speaking at Ignite last November. DeVore is a Seattle-based entrepreneur, investor and advisor to a number of early-stage startups.

DeVore’s message is to shake up digital creatives into seizing this unique moment in time, that he calls “The Maker Moment”. We gathered some of his key points here.

What is The Maker Moment?

First of all, touching people’s lives through technology and reaching mass audiences has never been this easy.

“When I began it was tens of millions of dollars to build technology to reach small audiences. Because of open source, cloud and mobile technologies,

three guys and a dog with a credit card, can build amazing technology and touch two billion people’s lives.”

But at this moment in time, there is a constraint. Digital creatives, i.e. people who know how to program, are the bottleneck to human advancement. There simply aren’t enough of talented developers out there.

“For the first time in the history of Western capitalism, talent has more leverage in the economy than capital.”

How do we seize The Maker Moment?

  • Get with your people. Maximize your chances of serendipity, and of a crowd of peers that’s going to push you to be your very best.
  • Make yourself visible. Leave a digital exhaust of what you’re passionate about, and what you can do. The world will find you and pull you into opportunities you never expected.
  • Surround yourself with talent. Seek people who have an insatiable curiosity. And they need to be people who can turn that into stuff. They need to build, create, and make.

What about money?

Money is good for going fast. It can give you the necessary speed to get there first and best, but that’s all.

“There’s another way to create impact. There are a lot of big institutions around the world, non-profit, for profit, government, and they all need your skills. – They have brand, trust, reach and access. Take your ideas to them and help them drive your ideas into the world.”

What if I fail?

“If you choose to do this, you have nothing to fear.

 The world needs you so much that if you fall as a digital creative right now, hands will reach out to pick you up immediately.

Alright then, DeVore. Let’s do this.