Transfercar’s awesome company selected for 500 Startups accelerator


A couple of weeks ago I had to take a little impromptu road trip from Auckland to Masterton to drop a car off. Masterton is about 90 minutes northeast of Wellington. The thing about this thriving metropolis of a town is that once you’re there without a car, there’s no real way to get back to Auckland in a direct fashion - I would have had to train down to Wellington first.

Upon doing some research, I found flights from Wellington to Auckland to be fairly pricey when you’re trying to book them a few days in advance. I then recalled catching a train about 17 years ago from Auckland to Wellington. So, I checked for anything with a caboose or conductor, but this still proved impossible to find or far too expensive. There were two of us, so suddenly we were looking at $300.

Then we considered renting a car. A sudden flash of genius struck me, and I realised that at my very workplace (the BizDojo) there’s a humble but brilliant little company called Transfercar. This company bridges the gap between rental car businesses and consumers in a simple but perfect way. These companies often have to pay to move cars from city to city, put them on trains or trucks, and deal with all the associated logistics. Transfercar however, offers consumers like you or me the opportunity to move the vehicle for these large companies for fairly cheap. So, rental companies save money, and consumers save money. Win/win situation.

For two days I was the proud non-owner of a 2014 model Holden Cruze with only 9000k on the odometer. We paid $20 for the experience.

Here’s where the story gets even cooler. Just last week Transfercar, working out of the BizDojo, announced that they were selected amongst thousands of applicants from around the world to join one of Silicon Valley’s leading accelerator programs - 500 Startups.

This will see them surrounded by the brightest mentors from around the globe including members from Apple, Google, Paypal, Twitter, and more. They’ll continue growth here in New Zealand, while getting the proper support to push this concept in the United States. It will be a crash course on an array of entrepreneurial facets over a four month period, but it should prove to be fruitful. A US$100,000 cash injection is also part of the deal, and more is predicted to follow now that they’re entering such a prestigious program.

It’s great to see such success come out of the BizDojo. The crew have been here with us for nearing on 3 years, and as Pascal, Chief Marketing Officer says “I’ve looked at other offices, but this one has the best vibe I’ve seen in Auckland.” It doesn’t seem like they’ll be leaving us anytime soon…unless of course 500 Startups pushes the go button for them and they outgrow the space.

When asked about collaboration, their experience is true testament to what goes on in the BizDojo. Graphics by Dylan from Luc Identity, introductory video by Han from PixelPush, Rebecca Caroe from Creative Agency Secrets helping with marketing; these are just some examples of what goes on in this shared space.

It’s awesome to know the members of the Transfercar team will return to Auckland with fresh eyes, new ideas and goals, and will be able to feed that knowledge base back into the community.

Great work team!

Gil Amir is the Community and Communications Coordinator at the BizDojo Auckland