Vigil Monitoring Blasts Through $5 Million Milestone


What an incredible moment! The BizDojo is proud to announce that it’s largest resident is about to get a whole lot larger! Vigil Monitoring has just locked in a serious partnership deal with Bupa which will propel them forward in a very promising way.

What’s at stake here? Well, 25% to be exact. And for that, a $5 million investment. That’s a lot of zeros! 


Vigil Monitoring continues to develop a user friendly and accessible cloud-based health monitoring service for those requiring long term or age related care. It reduces the pressure of these issues on family, friends, and health care professionals. In Vigil’s own words “we all have someone we love, but we can’t always be there.” This is the problem that Vigil solves. With such a simply put value proposition, naturally this was going to be a winner.

 Hence, it is no wonder that Spark Ventures, the incubator and accelerator arm of Spark New Zealand, supported Vigil Monitoring years ago with their own $5 million investment. With the support of Spark and a rapidly growing team of developers, designers, and well-versed and experienced board members, the company has gone from strength to strength, culminating in today’s announcement of investment with the global company Bupa.


 Bupa currently looks after 16 000 Kiwis, and this is set to increase with the growth of the 65+ year old demographic. Statistics New Zealand projects 1 million people over this age by 2031. As Bupa’s core business is in retirement villages, rest homes and hospitals, as well as personal medical alarms and brain rehabilitation, the partnership will provide powerful avenues for growth to both brands. Vigil’s innovative thinking, effective validation, and lean canvas model are also very attractive to Bupa, according to Managing Director of Bupa Care Services NZ Grainne Moss. They will help “develop innovative offerings for our customers across NZ, Australia and globally.”

 So how quickly did Vigil Monitoring get here? The answer is almost belittling! The company was established in 2012 by scientist, inventor, and entrepreneur Sir Ray Avery to address increasing burdens on the healthcare system. Led by Alan Brannigan who can be found leading the team in a dedicated sector of The BizDojo, the team started at the shared space, as, amazingly, just Brannigan himself. Some may consider him to be some kind of humanoid comprised of the genes of Einstein and Batman, as growth has taken the team to just under 25 in well under two years.

 We’re all very much looking forward to this team taking the world by storm.