Welcome New Product Design Interns!

As you might remember, we sent out a shout-out to Product Design Graduates for two internships at BizDojo Co.Space before the holidays. Over the application period, our inbox got a whole load of astonishingly great applications, and we are stoked to say that there is some pretty sweet local talent out there.

After the Xmas break, long-time Co.Space residents, Hanna Eastvold (Vixenlab) and Bhavesh Bhuthadia (CreativeBhav) grilled our most promising applicants with interviews at Co.Space and via Skype.

“We weren’t too hard on him, were we..? I think Bhav may have basically asked him the meaning of life at some point…” Hanna said after interviewing David Stockton.


However, David must’ve not been too shaken by the third-degree, because he ended up being one of the grads chosen for the internship. David (in the left) is a 22-year-old Aucklander and has just finished his Bachelor of Industrial Design Degree with Honours at Massey University. In 2011, his entry for a design competition, Electrolux Design Lab 2011, was chosen as a top 25 semi-finalist. The design was an easy-to-use, hand-operated dishwasher for camping circumstances, called EcoWash Dinner Set.

Next to David on is Gordon Martin, a recent Bachelor of Design from AUT, and the other applicant left standing from the Hanna-Bhav interviewing process. He is 21 years old and was born in Canada. Gordon is a great fit for us because he has great knowledge of 3D printing techniques and rapid prototyping. And as you may have heard, we are getting a 3D printer to mock around with at Co.Space… More to come on that later. You can check out Gordon’s Tumblr at gordonmartin-nz.tumblr.com.

The guys will be working under the mentoring and management of Hanna and Bhavesh. As you can see from the messiness of their work table after only one day at Co.Space, they’re off to a pretty intense start. Work aside, the Co.Space family is looking forward to kicking their arses at table tennis during creative breaks…

Big thanks to everyone who applied! Do remember to keep posted on internship opportunities with us in the future.