Welcome to the Team Charlotte


Meet Charlotte Forsgard, our newest addition to the BizDojo team.

Charlotte flew over to New Zealand all the way from Finland last September, on her first major OE adventure.

Charlotte has worked with award-winning Finnish start-ups and entrepreneurs, along with producing several personal projects from live shows to a photography exhibition, and a magazine.

She decided to come to New Zealand for a bit of freedom and to escape the long Finnish winter. She says she finds it very inspiring to be somewhere where she knows no one… and also she really needed to run away from a guy (you know how it goes).

After looking at a range of menial jobs well below her abilities, she wandered into the BizDojo Co.Space and met Nick Shewring.

She pitched herself to Nick while running after him in a “Walk with me” moment:

N: Well, you sound perfect!

C: (Very high on afternoon espresso) I am perfect!

A month later she was hired as our new Communications and Culture Assistant.

We are super stoked to invite Charlotte to the team. When you see her around the Auckland or Wellington Dojo’s, please make her feel welcome!