We've got CoWo's in different area codes...

We’ve hooked up with six co-working spaces around the world in the last few months as part of our global co-working network programme.

Whether you're traveling for work, looking for international work and export opportunities, or you just want to connect with a whole bunch of cool creatives, there are so many possibilities within this network. 

As a resident of BizDojo you can work for up to 5 days at any of our partner spaces. If you’re sticking around NZ, your products and skills can still travel - our partners are eager to connect you with their residents and get ideas and opportunities flowing.

Talk to Mariana (mariana@bizdojo.com) or connect with the spaces direct via the BizDojo Yammer if you are keen to go global!

Our current partners: (always growing..)

Read the full press release about our global co-working network.