Whitireia’s next entrepreneurs!


Last week our lovely Wellington BizDojo Community Manager, Katherine Field, was asked invited along to Whitireia Polytechnic’s Business Entrepreneurial Class in Porirua, where she was interviewed by a group of third year students eager to pick her brain for insight into the world of entrepreneurs.

The interview was about an hour long, and was an opportunity to start a free range discussion about entrepreneurship in New Zealand. Then I was able to ‘turn the tables’ on the students by asking them to work on an issue relevant to my work.”

Katherine used her time there as an opportunity to do some brainstorming around promoting market expansions into Wellington, what businesses could gain from it and also discussed the need for co-working. She also asked the students to think about their own career development, what value they could add to smaller companies as business students with fresh ideas and getting to where they want to be in the future.

With some interesting insights into other cultures and ideas around linking to Asian markets, Katherine was very impressed by all of the valid points that the group came up with.     

“The students had really interesting questions around working styles and the fit of the entrepreneur into businesses, as well as how teams are made up to move a business forward and the mix of ideas people alongside people in supportive roles.”