WIN tickets to Kea Inspire 2015 + tips and tools to get inspired


As far as fears go, I’m fearful of quite a few things in life. The dark, heights, tigers eating my limbs, driving, and as a creative - the blank page - especially when the blank page is paired with another great fear of mine, a big ol’ empty inspiration bank.

For those in the midst of freelancing/creative pursuits, the devil is often portrayed as our good ol’ friend motivation. But at the end of the day, when the lights are threatening to be turned off it’s easy to turn away from GOT and focus on your accounts. Sadly, it seems that it’s harder to switch on inspiration - or is it?

5 steps to get inspired again

1) Just start doing
My 6th form art teacher taught me many things - that art is the can opener in the supermarket of life, that real men wear speedos (this sounds creepier than it was) and that if the empty page is getting to you then fill it. He suggested we always start a painting or sketch with a page of scribbles - effectively always starting mid process. When it comes to writing that might mean a brain dump, with design it may mean iterating off previous work. Being inspired by the process can often mean just beginning it.

2) Socialise yo’ self
Lacking inspiration? Talk to inspiring people. During the year I make sure I attend a few conferences that put me in front of people that are sure to inspire me. On my list of must-see events are Semi-Permanent for my design fix, Webstock for my web fix & the Kea Inspire events. We are actually giving away two passes to Kea Inspire in Wellington (with GridAKL giving away two passes to Kea Inspire Auckland) - head to the footer to find out how to win.

3) Be at peace with the fact that no one is on their A-game the entire time
Shaq missed 5,935 of his 11,252 free throws and 1 in 100 vasectomies fail - no one can do everything awesomely all the time. Often the pressure to be ‘on fire’ contributes to us not doing our best work, or stems the flow of our work. Sometimes you won’t be struck by inspiration but you will have to keep pushing out work, that is OK. You are only human. Accept this, take the pressure off and you will reap the rewards.

4) Nurture spaces for inspiration
I admit it, this sounds a bit new age but hear me out. Instead of looking at inspiration as an ex-partner, something you used to have a great time with but who now has deserted you leaving you in the clutches of boredom and unproductivity - look at inspiration as a beautiful dove that will come visit you if you create a space for it filled with bird seed and sunlight.

Enough soft and fluffy analogies inspiration flows when you create situations for it to do so, trying new experiences (thus opening yourself up to new feelings/sights/people), saying yes or talking through your rut with someone.

Basically action events that create spaces for you to embrace outside or differing  thinking on a regular basis thus exposing yourself to new situations and reap the rewards off new perspectives, questions and inspirations.

5) Look outside of your industry
In my day to day job I work in the realm of innovation; it’s here that i have really began to understand that the best places to gain new ideas, new themes for work or indeed, new inspiration is by looking outside of the realms of your everyday work. From sculptors that work with physicists, to app developers who are inspired by playwrights, there is a lot of joy to be had from taking a dip into someone else’s pond.

Click here and tell us how you get inspired  and be in to win a double pass to Kea Inspire day Wellington, an event that celebrates the success of game-changing kiwis who are doing great things in areas as diverse as business, technology, medicine, philanthropy, sport and more in locations all over the globe. Winners are drawn EOD on the 19th of June 2015 and will be notified by email.  To be in to win tickets to the Auckland event, head over to the GridAKL Blog here, or purchase tickets here.

Anya works for BizDojo in the GridAKL team. When she isn’t ‘working’ she is trying to inspire herself for her work in illustration, fashion and freelance writing. Follow her on twitter here.