WIP it, WIP it real good!


We are stoked to have front row tickets to watch budding business WIP, a recent Lightning Lab participant and brand new resident at the BizDojo in Wellington.

Since Demo Day a month ago Rollo Wenlock, CEO and co-founder, says things have been all go for the WIP team, which is fine with them!

“We’ve been working on pulling together our first major round of investment and we’re also doing the same thing we always do, which is to keep building new and awesome features into WIP!”

The guys were quick to take up an opportunity to spend time as residents at the BizDojo, easing their concerns about what would happen when Lightning Lab came to an end.  

“We feared there would be a loss of the natural cross-pollination that goes on when lots of different people are doing exciting, creative things in a shared space. But once we got to the Dojo we knew we had nothing to worry about on that front!”

Well we think it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship! (BFF’s?)

So what is WIP? It’s a beautifully simple video workflow platform that lets you watch, share and comment on work-in-progress videos, so you get better feedback faster. Rollo says the product takes away the hassle of lengthy email chains and phone calls to clients and with WIP, all the communication is where it should be, right on top of the video.

At the moment the WIP team is working towards launching Version 1.0 of their software later in the year and with a massive amount of work to be done for the release, having the Dojo as a base is going to be a huge help in getting it done.

“Being in a new environment that’s as well set-up as the Biz Dojo is always invigorating, and having a proper coffee machine doesn’t hurt either,” says Rollo.

As a company that aims to make collaboration easier because it is something they strongly believe in, they see collaboration-friendly places, like the BizDojo, as the future of the working environment. We certainly hope so!

“It just doesn’t make sense these days to sit in tiny little rooms working in isolation, it’s not how our brains are wired. So for us we’re just really happy to be a part of the Dojo community,” says Rollo.

Right on brother from another mother!