Wonderful water waiting to hear from you

Have you had a conversation with water lately? Well maybe you should! It is a pretty important part of our lives that we often take for granted. Did you know it makes up 98% of our bodies? And while we could live for up to eight weeks without food, we wouldn’t last a week without water! So do yourself a favour and reconnect with something that sustains your life (no, not coffee!!)

Caroline Robinson is a New Zealand artist who works closely with the land and communities to create land art and sculpture, to tell stories within urban developments. And when she was given the opportunity to be The Big Idea’s 2013 Digital Artist in Residence, Caroline decided to focus her project on water, going back to the source – hoki ki nga waiora- and started with a journey back to the waters of her birth.

“I felt an urgency to action a new way of being in a relationship with our world. So I decided to try something new, a deeper way of seeing, thinking and being with water.

Back to the source hoki ki nga waiora is about people, water and the bonds between us.”   

Caroline’s project is trans-media in focus. It aims to reach and inspire people around the world to have meaningful encounters with water and then join a worldwide conversation, as well as creating a response of their own to water. And for those keen to explore their own conversation with water, she has developed The Living Laboratory; which offers some suggestions for simple ‘experiments’ with water. Clayworker and waterman, Michael O'Donnell is one of the first people to share some of his many conversations with water.

And Caroline invites you to share your water stories

“They may be very ordinary stories. They be illuminating ‘ah-ha’ moments that were carried through water.

“You can tell of experiences that have changed your relationship with water, or transformed your way of seeing life inside your (water) body, or on our (water) planet. Use text, photographs, artworks, video and/or sound.”

Please help spread the word and invite people to get engaged.

You and your networks can join the conversation through the back to the source section on The Big Idea or facebook or twitter [#backtothesource].

Photo credits: Kahikateas sundaise | Title: Caroline Robinson - Preparing for the opening ceremony performance with Michael O'Donnell, Sundaise Festival, Waihi 2013 Photo: Alastair Sorley

Mihi welcome | Title: Colour Wheel, Original Artwork by Caroline Robinson

Stories | Title: My Mother’s Hands, Photo: Caroline Robinson

The Big Idea Digital Residency is a key part of The Big Idea’s strategy to support innovation in practice through the creation of new art works that encourage creative collaboration between the artist in residence and communities - all delivered through digital platforms.