Workshop: How to use Auto-responders in your Marketing


This Wednesday, Partisan Advertising and Creative Agency Secrets are hosting a Modern Marketing workshop about ‘auto-responders’.

These natty automated emails are a boon for anyone marketing products and services which require some consideration from the consumer before they buy.
Auckland Dojo resident, Rebecca Caroe will lead the session and in 40 minutes you will 
  • know which type of products/service in your business are appropriate for auto-responders
  • how to structure sales messages inside an auto-responder series
  • ways to promote sign-ups for auto-responders within your existing marketing
  • how to keep prospects engaged with your brand after the auto-responder ends
You’ll need to bring your laptop along so you can start writing your own auto-responder immediately. Come prepared to work hard and learn!
Date: Wednesday 5th December 2012
Location: Co.Space
Time: 8 am to 9.15 am
Fee: $25 [full refund if you don’t walk out knowing how to use autoreponders in your business]
Breakfast: Verona Cafe catered breakfast, museli, fruit, muffins and awesome BizDojo coffee and tea.
Attendees: limited to 20.

Sign up and continue your modern marketing education.