Worldwide Jellyweek is Gearing up the Global Co-Working Movement


Throughout the passing week, coworking spaces around the world have taken part in the annual Worldwide Jellyweek. But what is Jellyweek exactly?

Jellyweek was first created in 2011, by Anni Roolf, founder of the Berlin-bound coworking space Dezentrale, and Brazilian Leila País de Miranda.

During Jellyweek, cowos worldwide are invited to organize events that in one way or another, embrace the concept of coworking. The concept is decentralized, so there’s no particular “main event” for the week. Organizing Jellyweek events is solely up to the initiative of local cowo-enthusiasts all over the world. It’s about local and global: “Glocal” as the initiators call it.

The events – or “jellies” as they are referred to – can be anything, as long as they are free, and open to the public. Many spaces, for example, choose to open their doors for the week, to give people a chance to pop in and try out coworking free-of-charge. Other Jellyweek happenings include events such as workshops, get-togethers, and co-creation projects.

So how does everyone communicate? All jellies are pinned to a Jellyweek Google map, where anyone can add events onto a location with a picture and a short description. Local organizers of the jellies are invited to join the Jellyweek Facebook group, where participants around the world can share their Jellyweek experiences and ideas. The group is also a great platform to network globally with people who share a mutual interest in coworking.

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Worldwide Jellyweek Facebook Page

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