Yolkr successfully funds on Kickstarter

Hamish Dobbie, a local making big impressions around the world with his nifty and highly popular Yolkr, has found cracking success on Kickstarter.

Yolkr is described as a simple, novel and incredibly good looking kitchen accessory for separating egg yolks from egg whites. And after taking a look at http://www.yolkr.com/ you’ll probably agree. It is ridiculously good looking.


Have you ever tried to extract yolk and things went pear shaped? Shovelling yolk out of your egg white? Having to dig shell out of your omelette? Not anymore. Through six months of research and development on shape, form and feel, a failproof system was born - the Yolkr. Hamish describes the ultimate test. His 90 year old grandfather. Down to one eye, glasses and the shakes, he is the perfect candidate. When asked to “suck the yolk”, guess what he did? He nailed it.

This is one beautiful product, and its utility is obvious. Pledging on Kickstarter, Hamish aimed for £15,000 to get his product off the ground. What he achieved was almost 3 times that amount at £43,169 with 2,191 backers! Awesome mate.

Interested in more? Read the full story on Kickstarter:


PS. The good news for us here in New Zealand is he is creating jobs, with a position available for a go-getting admin / marketing / business graduate. This is a full time role in the thick of it helping a young entrepreneur run a startup product business. If you’d like more info, email info@bizdojo.com with your details.