We respect others so that we can all enjoy the same space together.


Health and Safety
We adhere to all health and safety rules for the building, including briefing all of our guests on the health and safety policy. 

Shared Spaces
We clean up after ourselves, leaving the kitchen, fridge and microwave clean and hygienic for others.
We give consideration to others in the food choices we make, where it is consumed, its aroma may affect others, and how long we leave it in the fridge.
We don’t move shared office equipment, and we report malfunctions so that they can be fixed promptly.
We leave the toilets and bathrooms as we would like to find them.
We consider the noise levels we may generate and its impact on those around us.
We balance our individual needs with the needs of the broader community when making adjustments to the environment.

Meeting Spaces
We take care of our meeting rooms, leaving them neat and tidy for others.
We book meeting rooms using the online booking system and remember to cancel a booking if the room is no longer required.
We arrive on time to meetings and vacate the room at the end of our booking so that subsequent users are not kept waiting.

Work Spaces
Our full time residents are encouraged to personalise their work spaces.
We acknowledge that from time to time we may be allocated different work spaces.
We keep our work spaces clean and tidy, utilising the recycling facilities that are available.
We respectfully consider the impact that noise from our conversations or phones has on those working around us.
We take ownership of our documents and secure any confidential material.
We are empowered to raise issues with our fellow residents when their behaviour impacts on us and others.
We use the internet primarily for business purposes. We do not download or print material that may be considered objectionable by other residents, including pornography, illegally shared data, or non-work data in such quantity that it impacts on cost or bandwidth for all residents.

Products and Services
When discussing and promoting our own product and service offerings, we respect the rights of our fellow residents to work in an environment free of unsolicited sales activity.

Shared resources
We use shared resources with the idea of fair use in mind, asking the BizDojo Team first if we feel our use of communal resources might impinge on the ability of  those around us to use those resources too.