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Building your own personalised 2017. Part 1

A satisfying year is hard to come by.  Indeed it's not something that is found but rather something we create.  But life doesn't come with an instruction manual so how do we go about proactively creating a great year.  Beyond accepting our own accountability for this process, the start of this journey begins with getting clear about what we want to create. 

In this EOTO Mitch Olsen will share some ideas about how you can build a compelling vision for your year.  Amongst other things we'll cover 

* the benefits of creating goals

* why we don't plan 

* how to create a plan

* how to execute on your plan

Mitch's interest lies in the intersection of Digital technology and psychology.  He is CEO of Rehabit Labs which specialises in applying neuroscience and technology in order to help people change their behaviours. 

Earlier Event: February 3
Community Breakfast