Welcome to your new home - BizDojo!


We’re pretty stoked that you’ve chosen to be a part of the best and brightest coworking community in New Zealand.

Now that you’ve taken the plunge and joined the Dojo movement, here's a little intro to show you the ropes so you can feel completely at home and empowered with the knowledge you need to get the most out of the space.

Coffee beans running low? Can’t find the printer toner? Dishwasher full? This starter pack is designed to help you help yourself…. To stop you pulling your hair out when you don’t know what the WiFi code is and to make you feel like the integral part of the BizDojo community that you are from the moment you walk through the door. After all, the most valuable part of the Dojo is YOU, our residents - this community belongs to you, and it relies on you to help maintain its culture of connectedness and good vibes. Have an idea for an event? We’ll help you make it happen. Know a great playlist for the office? We’ll show you the Spotify. Whatever it is, we’ll help you with tools you need to make your ideas for the community come to life. 


your team 

We have a small but solid crew of BizDojo staff here to make your Dojo experience as amazing and painless as possible.


Our Community Manager - Casey McLellan casey@bizdojo.com

Our Marketing & Communications Manager - Anya Merryfield anya@bizdojo.com

Our Digital Manager - Kate Ferriman kate@bizdojo.com

Our Activation Manager - Eva Perrone eva@bizdojo.com

Our Community Ambassador - Timmy Harris timmy@bizdojo.com

Our Event Assistant - Crystal Myers crystal@bizdojo.com


… and some of our team who work nationally, but are based in Auckland:


CEO and Co-founder - Jonah Merchant

COO - Lachlan Sloan

Our Operations Manager - Sarin Moddle

Our Accountant - Alastair Beavan

Our Head of HR/Talent - Kate Beaumont


Our Community Team are here to help make this place hum, so if you have an idea to make the BizDojo an even better place to work, we want to hear it.


First things First: Security and Hours of Operation


3.1 Access Card (Permanent Residents only)

If you’re a Permanent Resident, you get a swipe card to the building for any-hours access. If you haven’t been given one yet, see your Community Ambassador and they’ll sort you out. Those holding a Flexi membership also have the opportunity to upgrade their membership to Flexi-plus to have a swipe card. Again, see your Community Ambassador if you wish to discuss this.

3.2 Hours Of Operation

The doors at BizDojo are open to all residents and visitors from 8.30am-5.30pm Monday to Friday. It is not uncommon for residents to be working in the space outside of these hours, but we can guarantee you that the office will be open during these hours AT MINIMUM. The doors are set to be unlocked from 8.30-5.30 only, so if you do not have an access card, we don’t guarantee your access outside of these hours and it’s important that you are not the last one out.

3.3 Keen to work after hours?

For Permanent residents, BizDojo is accessible 24/7 so you workaholics can get your fix any time of day. See note above re: swipe card access after-hours. The last person on premises in the evening needs to set the alarm. This is done by pushing the ‘Arm the Alarm’ button next to the after-hours door to Pakenham St at the South-West corner of the building. This will arm the alarm to ensure your work possessions are kept safe. You have 30 seconds to exit the building. In the event that the alarm is activated while you are in the building, all you need to do is swipe your access card on the nearest active swipe pad (beside most internal and external doors) - this accentuates the importance of not being left alone in the building without a swipe card. All of this will be shown to you in your induction.

Guests and visitors to the Dojo are welcome at any time during normal opening hours. Spread the love!


Get Connected - WIFI

Now that you’re into the building, it’s time to get you plugged in to the BizDojo.


Like caffeine for the virtual world, naturally WIFI gets first mention. The setup’s pretty simple. We have two main WiFi networks, so take your pick!


Network Name  


BizDojo - 5G OR BizDojo - 2.4G

Password: Connected321



Guest Network Name



BizDojo - Guest

Password: Pandanet321

The BizDojo runs on Fibre internet with approximate download/upload speeds of 100+ mbps.



Printer set up



The best way to connect to the BizDojo Auckland colour printers is to search for them using their IP address. Just follow the instructions below depending on what computer you’re running. The printer prints up to A3 and in colour.




  • Go to the Startup Menu on your computer, then choose Control Panel .

  • Under the Hardware and Sound menu, choose View Devices and Printers.

  • At the top of the window there should be options to add new devices/printers. Choose Add Printer.

  • Your PC will search available printers, but the BizDojo Auckland printer may not show up. Choose The printer that I want isn’t listed.

  • Select Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname then click Next.

  • Enter the IP address (upstairs) or (downstairs) then click Next.

  • Once the printer comes up on screen, change the name to something you will remember easily like BizDojo.

  • Print a test page to ensure everything is working properly.

  • If you need to manually install the driver, you can find it here.


  • Open the System Preferences tab on your Mac.

  • Choose Printers and Scanners.

  • Click the + button under the list of available printers, then choose Add Printer or Scanner

  • The printer should show up as Apeos-V 3375 (upstairs) or Apeos-V 5575 (Downstairs)

  • If you can’t see them, choose the IP option at the top of the window.

  • Beside the Address tab, enter the IP address (upstairs) or (downstairs) then click Add.

  • Once your machine finds the printer, install the driver using the pop up option and then you can change the printer name to something easily recognisable.

  • If you need to manually install the driver, you can find it here.


If you need any help, don’t hesitate to grab your Community Coordinator to suss it for you


  1. Shared Facilities – Mi Casa es Su Casa

Part of the beauty of being an awesome BizDojo resident is that we take care of supplying the amenities for you to share and enjoy with other residents so that you can focus on world domination.

5.1 Coffee on Tap

Whatever the time of day and whatever you’re doing, we make sure your caffeine fix is only a stretch away. We have a real-deal espresso machine right here so you can bid a cheerful goodbye to instant and have great coffee at your fingertips and in your office. We also have a range of teas and hot chocolate. Help yourself, feel free to restock from the backup supplies, and let us know if we’re running low on anything.

Coffee Training:

Friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee. If you haven't used an espresso machine before, ask a Dojo staff member (or any resident who looks like they know what they’re doing) to give you a little rundown and lesson. You’ll never have to drink bad coffee again. We use beans from our friends at Three Beans who periodically help us out with barista coffee training sessions for any interested residents. Highly recommended.

5.2 The Food Corner

The kitchen is the heart of every home and we have designed ours to facilitate and encourage conversation and connection between our residents. It’s also here to get used obviously, and we have kitted it out with all sorts of stuff so you can indulge your inner foodie. Go wild, cook up a storm, and don’t forget to say hello and introduce yourself to your fellow snackers. You never know who you could meet while you’re unpacking a dishwasher together…(which we totally recommend by the way)

The Fridge:

If you want to store food in the fridge, grab a plastic basket from the kitchen bench and label it with your name or company.

The fridges are cleaned weekly - anything unlabeled gets chucked, and we’ll ask you to get rid of anything offensive we find in your basket!


Keep these in the pantry and only put in the fridge if you're drinking that night please.

5.3 Kitchen Rules 101:

Nobody likes being told what to do, so we’ll keep this section short.


  • The BizDojo is a slob free zone. Clean up after yourself, put shit away, and treat shared spaces with due respect.

  • If your food in the fridge is beyond edible, chuck it.

  • We have two dishwashers. Don’t be afraid to use them, turn them on, and empty them. If one is full, turn it on (‘short wash’ is sufficient 99% of the time). If one is finished a cycle, empty it. Don’t forget to flip the “I’m dirty/I’m clean” signs on the fronts so we know where to stack our dishes.



The TL;DR version of this is: The BizDojo and all its facilities are shared, communal spaces. Leave them as you would like to find them and don’t make other residents or the BizDojo team clean up after you. As we like to say, “We ain’t yo mamas!”


5.4 Rubbish disposal

We have a few different rubbish bins. “Rubbish” is destined for the landfill. “Recycling” is for cans and hard plastic (no styrofoam). “Paper” should be self-explanatory. Cardboard must be flattened and slid against the wall in the recycling room (right hand end of the bathroom corridor). There is also a box for old batteries next to the rubbish bins in the kitchen and a bin for CLEAN ‘soft plastics’


Please spare the extra ten seconds it takes to make sure your waste is separated accordingly - aim to recycle everything that you possibly can. Remember: a dolphin dies every time you get the bin wrong. Our beautiful planet is hugely important to us and should be to you too.


5.5 Toilets and Bathrooms

We have four (FOUR!) sets of toilets at the Dojo: one on each level of the corridors at the end of the building, one in the centre of the Level 1 workspace (the big white column), and one between the cafe and the Ground Floor workspace.


If you’re keen to bike to work or go running during your downtime, there is a shower in both of the accessible toilets in the corridor. Don’t forget your towel!


5.6 Meeting Rooms and Break-Out Areas

Need to plan world domination behind closed doors? We have bookable meeting rooms on offer. As a resident, you have use of these spaces. First in first served so try to book in advance (See 5.7).  


The specs in each meeting room vary, capacity depends on what you are using it for - sit down styles or just hanging out. Check out what each room has on offer if you’re needing certain requirements:



Given the number of residents we have, the meeting rooms get a lot of use. To help ease the pressure on room bookings, we have a number of semi-private, informal meeting spaces and breakout areas around BizDojo - including the Tech Cafe downstairs. Please utilise these as much as you possibily can, to leave private meeting rooms for those who really need them.




Event Space




5.7 Booking a Room


We use Google Calendars to manage the meeting rooms at the Dojo. Bookings can be made on the Apple Computer.


To book, access the Google Calendar via the web browser (it’s bookmarked on the kitchen iMac). The five rooms will be visible along the left-hand sidebar.



Each room is assigned a colour. Select your preferred meeting room by using the colour coded options. When you book a room note your full name or company and an event name (if relevant) so we can easily deal with any queries.



A few notes to make life easier for everyone:


  • Make a calendar booking even if you’re popping in for a quick Skype chat

  • Notify the Community Ambassador if you’re making a booking over 2 hours long.

  • If you no longer require the room, please cancel your booking or amend if it finishes early.

  • If you haven’t turned up to your meeting room within 15 minutes of the booking time it will      become open again.

  • If you don’t have a Google account - consider setting one up for remote calendar access.

5.8 Stationery Supplies and Consumables

We encourage you to come equipped with all the post-its and crayons you need to get the creative juices flowing. We also have (very random) a stash of select stationery supplies in case of emergency - see your Community Ambassador at the front desk. Boomerang policy applies: if you borrow it, bring it back.

5.9 You’ve Got Mail

You can have your mail or courier packages sent to the BizDojo. Our address is:


[Your Name]


BizDojo @ GridAKL

Level 1, 101 Pakenham Street West

Wynyard Quarter

Auckland, 1010


Make sure all deliveries are made out to the attention of you or your company name so we don't have headless courier chickens running around the space.



If you’re getting a package picked up, make sure the package is ready and waiting at reception for collection. Couriers do not come armed with company names or psychic powers, so if a courier shows up and we don’t have your package, we often can’t be of any help at all!



5.10 Health and Safety


For cuts, grazes, sore heads and the like, we have first aid kits in the workspace kitchens on both levels, plus one in the event space kitchen. They can be found by the green “First Aid” signs on the cupboard doors.


Please report any accidents (resulting in injury or not) to one of our Community Team so that we can record it and take necessary precautions.



Similarly, if you see anything that may be a Health & Safety hazard, report it to one of our Community Team in person or via Blerter so we can do something about it!


5.11 Fire Exits:

There are multiple fire exits marked by the green exit signs at ceiling height by the doors.

These are not hard to miss. They are located:

  • On both ends of the building leading out to Pakenham St West

  • In the corridor leading out to the Laneway


Our assembly point is located on Halsey Street, on the other side of the zebra crossing and directly opposite the small Flowers building at 124 Halsey Street.

6. Dojo Life


6.1 Fun Stuff


We aren’t just about the work here. As everyone knows, we all need a healthy work/life balance - so we endeavour to give you all the opportunities to achieve this. We have a number of activities that happen both regularly and sporadically to help you connect with the community on a social level too so make sure you get involved and meet all these cool cats that are a part of your community!


A few of our offerings:

TedTalk Mondays - Weekly on Monday at 12.30pm. A different TedTalk each lunchtime session where we listen to and discuss your favourite TedTalks. Pull up a bean bag and eat your lunch while you get some inspiration for the week.

Friday Flearning Drinks - BYO, come and celebrate (responsibly) your week’s work and discuss any notable fails/wins with your homies!

Regular Circles of Community morning teas - Come and meet your community. We always have new residents so come and eat some kai, have a chat and make them feel at home.

Fitness Fridays - A weekly fitness challenge every Friday 12.30pm. Talk to Eva about the next one.

Deloitte Sessions - free drop in advice desks in the active zone.

There are always other activities going on in the space so keep your eye on Slack, Facebook and the newsletter to hear about the happenings.

7. GridAKL Programme

GridAKL is designed to maximise innovation by harnessing the power of collaboration and creating pathways for innovative individuals and businesses to connect, share ideas and access the tools they need to help them grow.

This project is about taking the community, activity and collaboration you see within The BizDojo already, and working with ATEED (Auckland Tourism, Events, & Economic Development) to amplify and expand the reach and scope. In real terms that means more space for amazing high growth tech, entertainment, design and sustainable businesses, and more room and manpower to bring the wider ecosystem together to help you guys succeed.

For you, this means more friendly faces around BizDojo and more opportunity to share, learn and collaborate. Our partnership with ATEED means you get to enjoy more space, meet more new people, and access a range of new programmes and events to help your company grow.

8. Exploring your Local Digs


A key perk of being at the BizDojo is being so close to the extremely cool precinct of Wynyard Quarter that’s an emerging contributor to the amazing vibes of Auckland City. We encourage you to be a part of this colourful community and to check out the swag of great eats, events and entertainment on offer.


8.1 Good Cafes & Restaurants


North Wharf has an array of food options, from fancy sit-down eateries to quick take-away joints and everything in between. Plus, if you need to venture further than the Tech Cafe on our ground floor, there are plenty of cafes in the North Wharf area as well!