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It's our community that makes BizDojo the success that it is, and as Community Manager it's your job to keep them happy! You're a director of happiness, working with our residents to solve their problems and fulfil their business needs along the way. A facilitator of relationships, you network with awesome people, and connect them with relevant peers/mentors/leaders, creating synergetic relationships between them.

That's the brief of what we're looking for, but first, you need to know if you'll even like working with us. We think you will.


About us

What if the future of work wasn't driven by business-to-business, or business-to-customer, but instead, human-to-human? At BizDojo we believe the future of work is social! Check out our Insta-game for a glimpse into the BizDojo world:


As Community Manager, you are the go-to human for our community. You know each and every one of our residents and you help them with what they need. Plus, you do it all with an awesome attitude.

When you're not busy making someone's day, you're planning and executing activation programmes and events that captivate our residents and amplify the community experience. You'll also supervise and work alongside a high-performing Community Team to ensure the smooth operation of the day-to-day duties that keep our space lookin' and feelin' fly.

We're a well-established, kick-a** brand, and as we grow, it will be your job to broadcast our success stories to those in the wider business ecosystem and keep on building our brand presence.


  • You're confident meeting and interacting with people from all walks of life, and you thrive in our relational environment.

  • You're a leader, with experience, people skills and effective communication to back it all up. 

  • "Yes!" is your word. You've got the enthusiasm and can-do attitude to help our residents and your team with their needs.
  • You have the right kind of personality and initiative to think on your feet and be proactive in a fast-paced environment.

  • You're comfortable getting down n' dirty with the physical, not-so-glamorous side of managing a space and running events, it's all part of the job.

  • You are a quick-learner when it comes to new systems and processes. And if there's something you don't have an answer for - you're confident in finding a solution. 


  • A workplace where we value you for being you
  • An environment where being bold and learning through experimenting is encouraged
  • An incredible national team of smart, caring, and driven people to work alongside
  • The opportunity to work with some of New Zealand's most progressive enterprises
  • A home in our rad, new BizDojo coworking space

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