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Life at BizDojo is more than a desk; with spaces, places, people and programs that help you and your business grow. We are passionate about creating communities of talented, interesting and clever humans that are following their passions. So why not join us?

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jarrod mosen

"I think one of the most exciting things about Collision Labs and being a part of BizDojo is being surrounded by businesses on the same journey, sharing learnings and leaning with each other."

murdoch ramzi

"Entrepreneurship can be quite a lonely journey, even at the best of times. Having an office suite at Bizdojo in Takapuna has helped tremendously with not only my successful business development but also my mental and social well-being."

sophie macdonald

"The dojo brings that perfect mix of soulful and friendly community vibes, while also providing a wicked place to work. It’s like coming to work everyday with your friends but still smashing out the best work possible. It’s changing the way 9-5 works."

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We read an article recently all about the fact you become who you know, and where you go. Apparently we only really get 150 friends and 25 places - so we have to make sure the humans we meet and the places we go inspire and motivate us. Food for thought! Read it for yourself here > or read a little bit from the piece below. . . . "Whether you ask interior designers, real estate agents, retail entrepreneurs, or basketball stars, the evidence is clear: location matters. A lot. Where we spend our time affects our mindset, our opportunities, our serendipitous encounters, and even our physical health. Just like your friends heavily impact who you become, so do your surroundings. Knowing you only get to split your life between a couple of dozen places means you really have to choose those places well." . . And of course, this picture is taken from home to our great community in #takapuna - BizDojo Takapuna #auckland.

Every Dojo is built with nooks for creating, connecting and getting stuff done. Meeting rooms, spots for phone calls and skype sessions and of course casual breakout and meeting areas to have some chats with the folks that inspire ya - be they human or woof woof. ❤️

One of our fav things about @festivalforthefuture (other than empowering and inspiring young kiwis to change the world) is the #collaborative and #community driven way in which they make the festival happen. Like this #crafternoon session with our Tory Street family - everyone coming together to learn some #crafting skills. Making #pompoms and flowers was a cute way to spend the arvo. BUT it was actually an awesome way for us to help out the festival team - with our crafts destined to decorate the event. Now that is #design with a purpose!

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