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jarrod mosen

"I think one of the most exciting things about Collision Labs and being a part of BizDojo is being surrounded by businesses on the same journey, sharing learnings and leaning with each other."

murdoch ramzi

"Entrepreneurship can be quite a lonely journey, even at the best of times. Having an office suite at Bizdojo in Takapuna has helped tremendously with not only my successful business development but also my mental and social well-being."

sophie macdonald

"The dojo brings that perfect mix of soulful and friendly community vibes, while also providing a wicked place to work. It’s like coming to work everyday with your friends but still smashing out the best work possible. It’s changing the way 9-5 works."

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How do you build a #coworking #community? While proximity is great, bringing folks together is always gonna be a good idea. So if you have just joined a BizDojo you might find yourself meeting new folks over coffee, chats and cookies at our ‘Cookie Chats’ where newbies can get to know the team and their new friends/deskmates. . . Today at Tory Street we met Nancy who has moved over from Broome, Kristen from Last Pickle, Chris ‘the awesome UX dude’, new humans added to our residents keepsite, a project manger in the making (hey Jake), Georgie who is all about honey and possibly most importantly - Archie, the dog. We are a #diverse bunch of folks here in BizDojo land but we all have a lot in common. We value #community, we like getting to know the person sitting next to us, and we love any excuse for some baked treats

‘Each One Teach One’ is an event series we run where residents share insights, learning and skills from their projects + businesses with other residents. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new from the person that sits next to ya. . . This week #wellington resident Josh Bruce talked about how a cycle tour of NZ inspired him to create an art project which uses the #taniwha as a symbol for the guardianship, and responsibility we all have to look after our environment. You may have spotted the sculpture in our Tory Street space where we have encouraged our BizDojo family to be part of the art by collecting a piece of rubbish on their way to work and adding it to the sculpture. What results is a visual representation of the #environmental impacts we all have on our #community. . . We love celebrating the diversity of thought, projects and businesses here at BizDojo. The collision of ideas this diversity promotes enables our community to look at things differently, have their ideas challenged and have better outcomes because of it. Yus!

Hey next generation of awesomeness, you might not quite reach the reception desk yet, but it’s all good - we have solutions! Check out these tiny future #founders, #entrepreneurs, #inventors, #creatives, #artists and #designers! School holidays are on, which means that we are getting to see the smallest members of the BizDojo community again as they pop into our BizDojo spaces with their families. Yay!

Monday’s! Not traditionally seen as the best day of the week, but when your residents @thecollectivenz bring awesome yoghurt treats to share with the #community your day tends to instantly brighten. Delicious eats, great friends, rad community - what more could you want? Thanks for making our Monday sweet guys!

Our Community Managers are here to support you and your business. This can mean connecting you with the right humans in the space, the right opportunities in the big wide world, sharing tips and insights and keeping our Dojo spaces humming along. It can also mean painting you gold so that you can make an impact at The Wellington Gold Awards. Tory Street Community Manager Heloise gets her creative vibe goin' painting resident Rob from BPM - just your average BizDojo day #thefutureofwork is golden!

All work and no play is... lame. We could pull some studies or stats together about work-life balance, how play helps form better outcomes, or how creating spaces for people to come together builds kinship and community. And it's true we had all that in mind when we added these #retro #gaming machines to BizDojo #Parnell and #Takapuna but its also about having fun. Sometimes, you just have to play #streetfighter ok?

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