Welcome to our Innovation Awards series, where we give you the 101 on each of our six BizDojo resident businesses from across New Zealand who were finalists in the 2017 Innovation Awards. Today we are giving you the lowdown on Christchurch business - Anteater

Do you enjoy your crayfish with a dusting of ants? Well, Christchurch residents Anteater do. Finalists in the 2017 Innovation Awards for "Innovation in Food & Beverage," the duo behind Anteater hail from Christchurch - where they call our Christchurch BizDojo home. We proudly sponsor Anteater founders Peter and Bex, who started off their premium edible insects business off the back of another one of our favourite things, Startup Weekend

Overseas insect protein startups have been getting attention, with EXO raising 4 Million in 2016 to bring cricket flour protein bars to the masses. Anteater, however, do things a bit differently, working on the high-end of the market they work with leading chefs and restaurants to supply locally farmed grass-fed locusts, and wild harvested lemongrass ants. Their products enable chefs to create innovative dishes like the aforementioned cray with ants; an approach to using insect protein made most famous by the award-winning restaurant Noma

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Anteater talk to Nigel Latta about why you should be eating bugs


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